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Una D’Aragona exhibiting in New York

Una D’Aragona has been selected to exhibit with Agora Gallery, New York, in “Discovery: Contemporary Art Perspectives from England”.

The opening reception takes place Thursday 15th November and the exhibition continues until 1st December.

“Una D’Aragona is a painter’s painter. With a precise yet gestural style that is able to incorporate a variety of subjects, D’Aragona moves effortlessly from the figurative to the abstract. Cycling through the the different schools of painting that existed during the 20th century, the style she seems most comfortable with could be called “neo-expressionism”—defined as a contemporary way of making paint and pigment adaptable to subjective themes.

Indeed, however historical her themes are, D’Aragona paintings are distinguished by the way she personalizes them. In Una D’Aragona’s work, historical allusions are reimagined to conform to the logic of the heart. Whether depicting a Levitating Adam or engaging in a more purely abstract work, D’Aragona is always sure to poetically accentuate her subject-matter so as to redress it in terms of her personal style.

The mingling of abstraction and figuration that characterizes Levitating Adam is a hallmark of D’Aragona’s style. The intimation of a masculine figure allows her brushwork to have a greater expressivity. Against the surface of the canvas, this expressivity allows the sheer materiality of paint to presence itself. ”

For more information please see the Agora Gallery website.