Creative Kernow, based at Krowji, is the umbrella organisation for the following projects. Together we support the production, promotion and distribution of work by creative practitioners in Cornwall because we believe in creativity's transformative power and want more people to benefit from it.

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studio: An unfurnished workspace for artists, makers and organisations.

We provide messy workshops, smart offices and everything in between.


Applying for a space

Am I eligible for a studio at Krowji?

Krowji welcomes applications from all those working in the creative industries:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Architecture
  • Crafts
  • Design: product, graphic and fashion
  • Film, TV, video, radio and photography
  • IT, software and computer services
  • Publishing
  • Museums, galleries and libraries
  • Music and performing arts
  • Visual Arts

Are there any creative practices you can’t cater for?
We aim to cover the full range of arts and creative sector activities but we don’t currently have facilities for practitioners working in materials such as stone or metal because of the issues of noise and dust.  If in doubt do please ask us – we try to be as flexible as possible, but we do have some parameters set by our sources of funding as an arts organisation.

Can I come and see the spaces?
As our studios aren’t open to the public the best time to see them is during Open Studios in May/June and Nov/Dec.

Studio viewings prior to submitting an application are subject to availability – please email [email protected]

Group Tours
We are always very happy to arrange tours for groups such as university students or local community groups, please get in touch.

How many spaces are there at Krowji and how big are they?
We currently have 120 shared and self-contained spaces with approx. 200 people using the site. Our spaces range from 50sq ft – 530sq ft with our current average size 120 sq ft. The studios in Percy Williams Building are mostly 245 or 530 sq ft.

Please click here to see studio availability, sizes and prices.

How can I get an application pack?
You can download the application pack here or email us to request a copy [email protected]

How long does the application process take?
We aim to notify people within 1-2 weeks. 

What can I do if my application is rejected?
If your application doesn’t meet our criteria we will do our best to advise you as to the next step to take – this may include applying to alternative studios that can cater better for your needs or seeking further professional development support.

How soon will I get a studio?
This can be difficult to predict and is dependent on the type of space you require e.g. small self-contained spaces are in high demand and tend not to become available as often as others. We operate mostly at around full capacity, with over 120 spaces and tenants only need to give one month’s notice.

How does the waiting list work?
We keep a waiting list of people who have successfully completed the application process and contact those highest on the list as and when a suitable space comes up to arrange a viewing. Current tenants are given first priority.

Can I share my space?
Yes, we are happy for you to share your space. However, your friend or colleague will need to go through the application process and if you decide to give up your space the licence or lease will not automatically transfer to your studio share.

Can I sublet my studio?
In common with most other studio complexes, we are willing to consider requests for short-term sub-lets if a tenant is going to be away temporarily e.g. on a residency or short project contract, but we treat this on a case-by-case basis.

I’ve been allocated a studio! What next?
We will ask you to pay a deposit of a month’s rent to secure the space as yours. This is held until the end of your tenancy. We will then email you with all the information you need and arrange a convenient date to come and sign the paperwork and pick up the keys to your new studio. 



Please click here for full details on disabled access.

Are the studios open 24 hours?
Yes, tenants have 24-hour access to their studio, 365 days a year.

How will my clients know where to find me on site?
We have a list of all our tenants at Reception with their studio number and building name. The Percy Williams Building has an intercom system whilst the other buildings are locked to the public and require visitors to call the tenant to give them access. Of course we are happy to help any visitors who come to Reception first.

How accessible are the studios?
Whilst the Percy Williams Building is DDA compliant and we have made a number of modifications and improvements to our existing spaces, we regret that a small number of the studios in the old buildings don’t have disabled access.

How secure are the studios?
The external doors on our studio buildings or areas are kept locked at all times and we have a contract with Kestrel Guards who carry out 2 patrols every night.  You can also install your own alarm system and link up to the Kestrel call out service – ask us for details.


Rents & Tenancy Agreements

How much do the studios cost?
Old Building Studios
£7-10 per sq ft per year + VAT

Percy Williams Building
£9-12 per sq ft per year + VAT

The rents vary according to the quality of space and the rate gets lower as you go over a certain size bracket.

What does the rent include?
Many of our older studios are priced to include the cost of water and electricity, whilst other studios – including all those in the Percy Williams Building – have their own electricity and water meters. In this case tenants are invoiced quarterly according to their consumption.

What about business rates?
All tenants are responsible for their own Business Rates and there is currently a 100% small business rates relief for which all our tenants are eligible provided they are not already claiming relief on another property. We contact the business rates department for you to request a form and assist you in completing and returning the form with all the correct information required.

How is the rent paid?
Rent is paid by standing order on 1st of every month.

We can also arrange quarterly or 6 monthly invoicing for those who prefer.

What happens if I fall behind on my rent?
We check the rent accounts at the end of each month and will contact you if there are any outstanding payments on your account. If you fall into financial difficulty the best thing to do is come and talk to us.

How long do I have to keep the studio?
We can tailor the tenancy agreements to suit your needs.

Short-term Sub-lease – for those who require complete flexibility we offer an annual agreement where tenants are only required to give 1 month’s notice.


3 year sub-lease – for those looking for more security we can offer a longer term contract of 5 years. There is a break clause and the notice period is 6 months.

Will my rent increase after a certain time?
We carry out annual rent reviews which take effect from the start of each tax year, 1st April. For those who take out a 3 year lease your rent will remain the same for the first 3 years before increasing in line with our current rates at the start of your 4th year.

What about insurance?
Krowji insures the building and all communal areas whilst tenants are responsible for their own spaces. For public liability insurance we recommend subscribing to a-n. If you wish we can refer you to our broker for advice.

How long can I have a studio for? Is there an exit policy?
We don’t operate an exit policy, however, Phase II of our redevelopment project will affect all the studios in our Science Block. As with Phase I we will give as much notice as possible, with 3 months being the minimum, and we hope to be able to find spaces for all current tenants elsewhere on site. We are yet to secure the funding for this phase and don’t envisage that the work will start for approximately 3-4 years but as always we will keep everyone informed.

Can I make changes to my space?
Yes, you are very welcome to make the space your own. We only ask that you run your ideas past us first (if you’d like to do more than just paint the walls) and ensure that the space can be returned to its original state should you decide to leave at a later date.



Are the studios heated?
It is down to the tenant to bring in their own electric heater/s – this is the most efficient form of heating for buildings like ours where people are coming and going throughout the day and night. We ask tenants to be vigilant and advise using a timer.

Do the studios have phone lines and broadband?
This will depend on which building you are in and we ask that you indicate your needs in the application form. We have fibre to the premises and the PW Building is wired up ready for tenants to set up their own bespoke phone line and broadband connection. We can recommend a local service provider. For ‘low-end’ users in the PW Building we provide shared broadband service of up to 10gb of data per month at £10 + VAT per month. There is a setup fee of £75 + VAT. There is Wi-Fi available in the café which can be used by all café customers.

Are there shared kitchens/sink rooms?
Yes, each block has these in varying formats – the PW Building has separate tea and wash-up rooms on each floor.  A few studios have their own fitted sinks  and we can quote for installing sinks in the PW studios.

Will I be able to receive mail and packages at my studio?
Yes, all post and parcels are delivered to us at the main reception. All small post is put in your pigeonhole and we will notify you about parcels so that you can collect them from us.

Is there parking available?
Parking is generally available – at times the site can be very busy. We don’t currently operate a permit system but may need to introduce this in a few years’ time as the site becomes busier. There is a public car park nearby.

Can I get there by public transport?
Yes, there are good bus routes and the train stations is a 15 minute walk away.

Are there other rooms available to hire on an hourly/daily basis?
Yes, there are rooms behind the café which are hired out. Please contact us for more information.

Is there an exhibition space at Krowji?
We used to have a display area which was dedicated to showcasing work by Krowji artists, unfortunately we lost this area to the fire in May 2021 so we no longer have a display area for artwork.

Do you help to promote your tenants’ work?
All of our tenants have their own page on our website and we promote tenants’ exhibitions, events and opportunities via social media and our monthly e-newsletter.

Does Krowji have any equipment for artists and makers to hire out e.g. kilns, print-making equipment, tools?
Although it is something we would like to see provided in the future, we are currently renting empty spaces which tenants are required to set up themselves. We have, however, installed a wash-out booth for print-makers to use which is based in the Science Block.

What kind of ventilation is available in the studios?
Most studios have windows but for those requiring an extractor fan/ventilation system it is down to the tenant to have this installed in consultation with us.


Tenant Meetings, Events & Workshops

What can I get involved in as a tenant?
Tenants run a variety of their own activities including Sketch Club. There are also twice yearly Open Studios events held on site.

What involvement is required?
We very much encourage tenants to take advantage of the events and opportunities here at Krowji, however, we are equally very understanding of those who wish to work completely independently.

Can I run workshops in my space?
Many of our tenants run workshops from their studios or, alternatively, they hire out our Art Room. Bear in mind that you will need a self-contained space in order to run workshops from your studio. The frequency and group size of your workshops will need to be disclosed to the Krowji team so that a decision can be made about whether your workshop is permitted to run. You’ll also need to show that you have the appropriate insurance for this work. We can help to promote your workshops by sharing your publicity material.

When is Open Studios?
Krowji runs two Open Studios events each year, one in May/June time which is part of a Cornwall-wide event, and a second which is in Nov/Dec and is purely for Krowji.

What should I do if I want to take part in Open Studios?
We email all our tenants when Open Studios is coming up to keep you well informed and ensure you don’t miss the registration and fee deadlines.

I have an idea for something I’d like to run at Krowji, what should I do?
We love tenants to come to us with creative community project ideas, and whilst we’re rarely able to offer financial support, we can give advice and help with publicity. We are particularly keen to enable local schools and community groups to engage with us.


History and Premises

Who owns and runs Krowji?
Creative Kernow

Creative Kernow supports the production, promotion and distribution of work by creative practitioners in Cornwall because we believe in creativity’s transformative power and want more people to benefit from it.

One of Cornwall’s key creative industries organisations, Creative Kernow was first established as Cornwall Arts Centre Trust (often known as ACT) in 1983.

Our support is delivered through programmes which can touch everyone’s lives:

–               affordable managed workspace
–               skills development
–               a rural touring scheme
–               investment in projects bringing together professional artists and communities
–               being a creative hub
–               helping the cultural and tourism sectors to work more closely together
–               supporting young people to enter the creative workforce
–               building international partnerships
–               and many more

How long has Krowji been here?
We bought the former grammar school buildings in 2005. 

What does Krowji mean?
Krowji is Cornish for workshop or shed – the spelling is the agreed modern form, but you often see Crowgey or Crougey as a farm name in mid and west Cornwall