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Bill’s Attic at Krowji

What is Bill’s Attic?

Bill’s Attic is a physical and digital resource of incredible artefacts, a gift for the artist in everyone, and aimed at inspiring a fresh generation of creators, makers, thinkers and radicals. The collection was bequeathed by Bill Mitchell, internationally recognised Artistic Director of WildWorks and Kneehigh Theatre, who died in 2017.

The collection has been rehoused in the upstairs of the Old School House, Krowji, Redruth. The design of the space and curation of objects is new, but the spirit of the original Attic remains the same. There is also a digital version of the original Bill’s Attic available.

The physical Attic at Krowji in Redruth, Cornwall

The collection is the unique element and the physical space at Krowji offers other benefits. There is a large, flexible workspace or meeting room with free WiFi available for use by artists in residence, and it can be hired out at other times for meetings. There is a kitchen for shared meals, conversations, and brainwaves. Bill’s Attic is a self-contained space. Enter, leave the world outside, find new worlds inside.

The Digital Attic

The online 3D tour of Bill’s Attic allows visitors to view the original attic as Bill left it in his home in Redruth. The tour also makes exhibits of specific objects with direct cultural resonance and highlights the artworks they inspired the artists that created them. The VR experience goes one step further and allows users to journey around the original attic and will soon be available to be downloaded for free from the Oculus Store.

Hiring the Attic

The Attic is available to hire during the day from Monday to Friday, for the following:

Artists Residency

Primarily, Bill’s Attic is used as a residency space for any artist or arts team. You can apply for a residency in the Attic which lasts from one day to a whole month. You are invited to explore, play with, even re-purpose some of the artefacts and make new work in response. This can include workshop activity (certain restrictions apply*).


Artist Residency Rate Includes use of the collection
Full Day £75
Full Week (5 Days Monday – Friday)£300
The fees cover the costs involved in keeping the Attic open as an asset for artists. If you need help in fundraising for your residency, we are happy to provide that support. We are also open for collaboration, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis and dependent on our capacity.


Please use the Artist Residency Proposal Form here.

Each proposal is reviewed by the FEAST team who will be in contact to let you know the outcome of your application. Please send all applications to [email protected]

Meetings and Away Days

The Attic can be hired as a special, atmospheric meeting room for organisations. It is particularly suited for away days/team building days as it is self-contained with its own kitchen. The space is curated to display a lot of Bill’s artefacts and creations. Maximum capacity 15.

For an additional £40 we can offer a curated box of the collection with prompt cards to stimulate team discussion and problem solving.


Standard Meeting Hire Rates (Includes meeting room and kitchen. Does not include access to collection)
Full Day (9:15 – 16:30)£120
Full Day including limited use of the collection £160


Please complete our standard hire form and sign to confirm you accept the terms of the agreement. You can telephone 01209 313200 or email [email protected]; to check availability first.


(See below our guidelines for use before applying).

The flexible workspace makes the Attic an ideal space for workshops. It’s a unique space to be creative in. You cannot help but feel inspired.

Maximum capacity 6

Please apply using the Artist Residency Proposal Form.


Workshop Rates (Includes meeting room and kitchen. Does not include access to collection)
Full Day (9:15 – 16:30)£75
Full Day including curated box of artefacts£115

Guidelines for use

The first guideline is simple –

Use good judgement at all times.

The collection has been donated to the cause of creativity by Bill, and of course we need everyone to respect the special nature of this gift especially as there is a unique hands-on offer involved.

For the use of the Attic space itself:

  • Artistic activity which is very noisy, dusty, or messy is not possible because of the nature of the collection and as there are tenants downstairs
  • We ask that the rooms are cleaned up at the end of the residency/session, and objects are put back where they came from if appropriate

For the use of the collection:

  • Artefacts marked with a red sticker are for looking/exploring only
  • An amber sticker indicates that they can be incorporated into a new piece of work but must be put back on the shelves at the end of the residency once the new work has been documented

With green they can be used by an artist/workshop participant in their piece of artwork and taken away at the end of the session.

*If you are running a workshop:

  • The workshop leader must be experienced and the participants controlled around the collection
  • The session should be creatively focused
  • Maximum of 6 participants at a time
  • Workshop participants can only use the green marked objects in their own artwork
  • On request we can provide a curated box of objects for workshops to make movement around the space more manageable.


The Attic is upstairs and unfortunately not physically accessible to everyone. However, in consultation with the artist/workshop leader, we can offer an alternative accessible workshop space at Krowji and a selected box of artefacts to work with. The Bill’s Attic website also gives an alternative way to access the collection and there is WiFi throughout Krowji. We welcome the conversations which enable everyone to enjoy the Bill’s Attic offer.


We want your experience of the Attic to be a continuation of Bill’s work and so would love to have your feedback and any images of work created during the residency/sessions. We are mapping new work onto the website so that anyone can see the constant evolution of Bill’s Attic. Hopefully you will see one of the team, but if not please email comments and images to [email protected]

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