Creative Kernow, based at Krowji, is the umbrella organisation for the following projects. Together we support the production, promotion and distribution of work by creative practitioners in Cornwall because we believe in creativity's transformative power and want more people to benefit from it.

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Esther Connon 2

As an illustrator I work in isolation, and could work from home but it makes a real difference being surrounded by like-minded people here at Krowji. It’s such a great community and having a clear place of work made it all feel real when I first started out. I’ve always participated in Open Studios here which has encouraged a lot of interest in my work and my business has really taken off since I joined Krowji.

Esther Connon, Illustrator, Krowji Tenant since October 2009

I found Krowji just at the right time – taking on a studio here has enabled me to return to my artistic career after having a family and since working within this creative environment away from home I have been inspired and motivated to take my practice to the next level.

Kerry Harding, Artist, Krowji Tenant since February 2014

Kerry Harding 11

Tristan Harris Boot & Saw 15

I first moved to Krowji in 2006 to start my woodwork business with nothing more than a few borrowed tools and a small office. I now have a large workshop and a thriving business. The flexible and helpful nature of Krowji has allowed my workspace to expand along with my business. This, coupled with a thriving and inspirational community, is why I recommend it to anyone looking for a place to start their own creative journey.

Tristan Harris, Proprietor of Boot&Saw, Krowji Tenant since 2006

We moved into Krowji in 2011 and the competitive rates, the flexibility and the location were all absolutely key deciding factors for us. Our clients really like the quirkiness, heritage and architecture which are all great conversation starters. The place couldn’t be further removed from other bland, soulless, sterile office environments and our business is continually growing in exciting ways as a result.

Tim Hendy, Founder: THStudio, Graphic Design, Krowji Tenant since August 2012

Tim Hendy THStudio 2

Krowji Engine House VFX Studio (7)

Krowji has been a really wonderful creative space for the team as we’ve grown over the last couple of years, and we are really happy with our overall experience. We love the freedom we have with our office space, its views and its location. The community feel is really apparent, and we enjoy keeping up to date with all the diverse and wonderful things our neighbours are up to. The staff are friendly, welcoming and eager to help. We love it here!

Engine House VFX, Digital Media, Tenant since August 2015

Krowji has enabled me to host more client presentations and strategy meetings in an easily accessible and central location. The proximity to others I work closely with in Krowji has helped to foster a strong working relationship, feeling like we are all part of the same team rather than separate practitioners.

Huw Briscoe, Unfold Studio Ltd, Krowji tenant since March 2016

Krowji Huw Briscoe Studio (1)

Krowji Jules Payne Studio (1)

I feel so incredibly lucky to have a studio at Krowji and absolutely love my creative space! Being surrounded by so many amazing artists and designers is so inspiring, and it really feels like we have our own little vibrant and super-supportive community here.

My studio’s the perfect size for me to spread all my creative ‘mess’ out in, has fantastic light, and I can bring my dog along to work too! From the support and advice from the staff and other residents, to the calm and friendly environment here, having this space has been an amazing place for me to help grow my creative business.

Jules Payne, Graphic Designer, Former Tenant (October 2016 – January 2019)

I love my creative space in the main building at Krowji, it’s flooded with natural light, filled with character and a sense of history. Knowing I’m working surrounded by so many talented artists and creative practitioners is invaluable and the café on site is perfect for those moments when I need a sweet treat pick me up. The reception and staff at Krowji are always around to help and nothing is too much trouble. I feel very lucky to have been part of this creative hub for so many years now and can’t imagine having a studio any where else.

Amy Albright, Painter, Tenant since January 2008

Krowji Amy Albright Studio (1)

Krowji Studio 1850 (1)

The studio was created in a spare room at my home, and honestly I’m not sure where to begin in how moving to Krowji has helped expand the business (and my mindset)… ‘I’ is now ‘we’ after growing the team to also include Rhona (content creator and photographer, and general all round amazing business catalyst); we’ve been able to move into a full creative consultancy within our space, using face to face workshops to help clients align their business strategy with their visual output; we’ve had interns, experts and creatives popping in to inspire us; client rosters have consistently grown; and we’re excited to start collaborating with some of the other creatives and businesses on site.

We truly feel so lucky to have this space available to us, as a creative hub, in Cornwall; especially within a small businesses budget. The views, space, people and facilities are spot on… Krowji, we think you’ve nailed it 🙂

Elaine Michell, Studio 1850 Graphic design, Tenant since August 2017

It’s been great to have a studio at Krowji over the last 12 years or so and watch it grow, develop and really establish itself as a centre for creativity in the area. Having a studio at Krowji places you as an artist in the centre of what’s exciting, interesting and happening creatively in Cornwall.  As a resident of Redruth too, I’ve seen the real the impact it’s had on people’s perception of the town… Redruth is very nearly ‘cool’ now!  

Tony Minnion, Painter, Tenant since September 2006

A3 Tony

Krowji Mel Johns Studio

I really like being in a shared studio space with the combination of having a separate area to focus on work together with the interaction and exchange of ideas with the other studio residents.

Having a studio at Krowji has given me the opportunity to meet a diverse range of people working in the creative industries and has opened my eyes to the scope of practice in this area.  It has provided opportunities to engage in shared events such as Fun Palaces and Open Studios with the general public.

The Krowji community feels like a big family which is there to offer support and involvement with one another, but with no obligation.

Mel Johns, Mixed Media artist, Tenant since September 2016

I have had my studio at Krowji for over a year now and enjoy it more each day. Although I can work quietly in my own space, I also have the feeling of being surrounded by other creative people and being part of a community. Through our social media links, any questions or problems are quickly shared and help comes flying back. The girls in the office are always friendly and helpful and, when inspiration deserts me, I can usually find someone in the café to have a chat and get the ideas flowing again.

Marie Magor, Textiles artist, Tenant since October 2016

Krowji Marie Magor Studio (2)