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Dan Hollings’ solo show ‘Big Boys Don’t Cry’ in Bristol

That Art Gallery in Bristol is thrilled to be re-opening its doors to the public, which is wonderful news for Dan Hollings’ solo show ‘Big Boys Don’t Cry’, on display until August 8th.

Previously only available to view online through the gallery’s website, the exhibition, which contains themes of identity, childhood, play, anger, and loss, can now benefit from the presence of a physical audience.

In his artist statement to accompany the collection, Dan describes that ‘fluttered within the works there are discreet motifs taken from the surroundings, overheard conversations’, while he has used the paint ‘as a vessel for personal dialect.’ 

Dan: ‘More than one idea is worked into a painting at a time, different ideas and sketches of the surroundings get stitched into the work like that of a patchwork blanket. Old paintings can be worked on top of for new works, cutting out and bringing the previous painting’s feelings forward into the current (new) painting as a way of building up layers.’ 

‘Big Boys Don’t Cry’ derives from finding self-love, fitting into today’s world and how it is okay to not be okay at times. ‘Poetry is the stitching in the patchwork between still life and self-portraits,’ says Dan, ‘a way of taking the world, thoughts and experiences in and spitting them back out. It’s rough and grisly, but I hope there’s some honesty in that.’ 

That Art Gallery is happy to be welcoming visitors into their Bristol space one again. You can find information on opening times and visitor guidelines on their website where you can also view Dan’s exhibition online.