The third and final installment to Seamas Carey’s trilogy of work on Cornwall, nationalism & identity. Following the success of the The Reason Why podcast and the award winning live show Help! I Think I’m A Nationalist, comes the resulting visual companion piece, One & All.Boldly referencing and subverting the iconic image of the Cornish crest (a miner and a fisherman flanking a shield), the collection of portraits (captured by photographer Steve Tanner) explores what the people of 21st century Cornwall look like now.Disparate figures from different communities (many of whom Carey met during the making of his podcast) standing side by side, representing a plurality of opinions, a contrast in genders, backgrounds and beliefs. The images provoke questions around belonging, inclusivity and act as a closing moment for this significant body of work.Alongside the photographs, Royal Cornwall Museum will also be hosting the exclusive, world premiere screening of Who’s The Most Cornish Person You Know?In this 2024 comedic documentary Carey is joined by filmmaker and Krowji tenant Neal Megaw, as they embark on a quixotic quest to find the “most Cornish person there is”. The pair follow a chain reaction sequence of interviews, meet fascinating characters, hold unique & thought provoking conversations and eventually discover (in theory) the epicentre of Cornishness.The film will be played on loop throughout opening hours.

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Funded by Arts Council England, FEAST, Royal Cornwall Museum and Deborah Hinton.Supported by Impossible Producing.