Creative Kernow, based at Krowji, is the umbrella organisation for the following projects. Together we support the production, promotion and distribution of work by creative practitioners in Cornwall because we believe in creativity's transformative power and want more people to benefit from it.

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Krowji’s Top Ten Reasons to visit Open Studios and Shop Small this Christmas

There are plenty of reasons to visit Krowji Christmas Open Studios but if you still need some convincing to ‘do Christmas a little differently’ this December here are our top ten reasons to buy handmade:

Love Local

Buying from local artists, makers and designers who live and work in Cornwall means you are having a positive impact on our own local economy and community…


Guilt-Free Gifts

Handmade items bought from Krowji artists and makers are not mass-produced in large, waste-producing factories, wrapped up in plastic and shipped halfway around the world, so you don’t have to feel guilty about your Christmas Carbon footprint. Buying handmade, direct from the makers, means you are supporting small, ethical businesses.


Buy Bespoke

Buying handmade items and artwork as gifts means you’re choosing thoughtful and unique presents. When you buy a gift from the studios at Krowji you’ll be buying it directly from the person who made it which means there are chances to have conversations about customisation and commissions to create one-of-a-kind pieces.


Invest in Quality

Artists, makers, crafters and designers work hard to ensure that each piece is perfect and take pride in their work, materials and designs. Making things by hand with smaller scale production means higher quality and investing in things that are built to last!


Celebrate Small Businesses

Support small businesses on Small Business Saturday  and the artists, makers and designers who are entrepreneurs with small business values in mind.  Small and Independent business survival ensures the livelihood of communities.


No postage and packaging costs or waiting around for deliveries…

At Krowji Christmas Open Studios you can usually take your purchases home the same day so there’s no shipping costs and no waiting around for the postman! What’s more if you do have to wait for your handmade item to arrive you can be in direct contact with the person who made the item with their own hands!


Suport the Just A Card Campaign

The JUST A CARD campaign aims to encourage people to buy from artists, designers, makers and independent shops by reinforcing the message that all purchases, however small, even ‘just a card’ are so vital to the prosperity and survival of small businesses.


Shop Slow

Visiting Krowji Christmas Open Studios means having the chance to find something for everyone, all in one place.  There’s no dashing about in crowded department stores looking at shelves stacked with the same old things, just a wander around the studios discovering one-off items and chatting to the artists who made them.



At Krowji Christmas Open Studios you have the opportunity to talk directly to the makers, and when that handmade gift is unwrapped there’s a unique story to tell whether it’s about the maker, their inspiration or the materials they used.


Spread the Love

Buying pieces at Krowji Christmas Open Studios means you are supporting artists and designers, people who love what they do and that passion is shown in their product. You are investing in the maker who created it and helping their work continue! We hope everyone has heard the message about the happy dance that happens when you buy handmade products, direct from an independent maker….