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Rachel Jakeman

I am constantly trying to find the balance between the fine detail and free loose mark making through various mediums. Texture and pattern have been explored throughout my paintings, in the form of printing and different background textures on linen and board. By building up layers in oil paint, then sometimes sandpapering and rubbing it off again at certain points, I hope to achieve a sense of depth and quality in my work.

The work I produce has grown primarily from an internal narrative enquiry responding to the ideas of intimacy. I work from very personal ideas, exploring relationships, memories and emotions. I have been driven in particular, by the emotions towards my loved ones. My work is predominantly figurative and revolves around the subjects of femininity, motherhood and infanthood, ultimately bringing to focus the human face, the gaze and the portrait.

Through this visual language, painting for me is a form of self- therapy, self- discovery and a visualisation that consequently reveals a resolution from my unconsciousness. Due to the fact I work from inner emotions as a therapeutic method, I can’t speed the process because it needs to come from the soul and runs in due course. My work evolves in its own time, it needs time to breathe, reflect and evaluate. I always work instinctively and spontaneously, exploring an inner world in a symbolic way which remains inaccessible to the voyeur who can only envisage which each painting represents.

The theme which recurs instinctively through my work is femininity, which is a subject I can relate to from a feminine perceptive. I have explored the sacred feminine and how women are portrayed in art. I have been influenced by the renaissance artists, including Sandro Botticelli and his interpretation of Venus (the goddess of love) in addition to the myths and legends in the tale of ‘Physce and Eros’.



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