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Kate Aimers

Hello ! I’m Kate the illustrator and ceramicist behind Grow and Bloom Studios.

I create slow made ceramics from my studio in Cornwall that are hand painted with vibrant surface illustrations. Each piece is uniquely made either on the wheel, slip cast or using hand built methods such as slab,coil, press mold or pinch. Alongside my line of functional ceramics I offer a range of prints, stickers, cards and other paper goods that are all environmentally concious.

Each pieces of Grow and Bloom ceramic ware goes through and long process of slow drying, individually having designs applied, made by hand and at least two firings taking up to 48 hours each. These steps can take up to 4 weeks to complete one batch and the ceramics process definitely forces you to be mindful and considerate when working with such a raw material. However, as a mindful creator I want to bring that feeling to you when you purchase my pieces. From using a bespoke mug for your morning coffee or a small trinket dish to house your favourite jewellery, I want my pieces to weave themselves into your daily rituals to bring a sense of clam, joy and functionality. As well as being a mindful and considerate process, ceramics is also very low impact on the environment due to all waste and scraps being easily reclaimed and reused. I ensure all packaging and paper goods are ethically sourced and plastic free.


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Studio 120
North Light Block
West Park
TR15 3GE

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