Creative Kernow, based at Krowji, is the umbrella organisation for the following projects. Together we support the production, promotion and distribution of work by creative practitioners in Cornwall because we believe in creativity's transformative power and want more people to benefit from it.

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Fijke Middendorp

I use a practice of daily morning drawings and writings as a starting point for my work. I set a timer, take a pen and my sketchbook, and images and words start appearing on the page. I never know who or what is going to turn up. It is as close I have ever come to magic.

I make work on paper, using the printing press. I sometimes incorporate collagraph and lino print techniques but most of my works are monoprints created on the bed of the press. The printmaking process is another piece of magic; every print is a surprise and yet they often capture just what I wanted to say. At the moment my work is about love and loss and longing. And it is a celebration of being alive.

I also make small artist books and work in porcelain.



Email [email protected]

Studio 225
1907 Building
West Park
TR15 3GE

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