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Mabel Arce

What my mind drives through my hand is constantly tested by my eye, which betrays me, restricting the shapes, making them identifiable and related to things  that were before, things that existed already, though what didn’t exist before is painted, is precisely what I’m looking for.

That’s my figurative challenge: being a figure but not with the same prime nature, neither in favour of. It is not about using the figures as a resource, but as a way of exploring… And what does it explore? Both the inner matter and everything around it. In that moment of brief encounter between these two perceptions, they crash, and what they carried inside is detached. It flies up, and shows itself for you to find it.

The action and the form of this action is part of the meaning too.

In this universe of encounters, coexistence between opposite or contradictive natures, dozens of emotions attached to memories, desires, critics, or fears… (or fantasies fluttering in my head), are gathered. It´s at the end when everything pauses… on that painted surface, so I take a deep breath and observe the questions and the answers all together for the first time, because they are waiting for me to let them go.

They are no longer living in me as they have become an object.



Studio 210
Percy Williams Building
West Park
TR15 3AJ

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